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Supraterra develops and conceptualizes first class residential and mixed-use projects, internationally recognized for a very high degree of innovation and urban planning.  

Being the main provider of land reserves in the Bajío, Supraterra, together with real estate developers, manages to maximize resources to make their projects a success story.

In 20 years, Supraterra has collaborated with more than 45 real estate developers to create 2,000 hectares of leading residential projects in Latin America.

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With a vision of the future, Supraterra collaborates with architectural offices, urban planning and landscaping firms to offer responsible real estate products with their clients, charities and generators of well-being.


  • Zibatá: more than 1,100 hectares planned in detail to offer the best infrastructure and quality of life. Based on the principles of urban sustainability, care for the environment and prosperity, integrating the combination of housing, commerce, services and entertainment into the masterplan.

  • Zirándaro: 5 minutes from the iconic  San Miguel de Allende, the development offers a unique and rapidly expanding residential area, hidden services,  perimeter fences, extensive experiential parks with gardens for coexistence and rest. 

  • El Refugio: The spearhead residential development in the growth of modern Querétaro, incorporates in its design a large central promenade where the green life of the development detonates, a central lake, sports and recreation areas and a dog park distinguish El Refugio as one of the emblematic developments of the north of Querétaro.

  • Zákia: Developed through a scheme of residential clusters that guarantee the safety of residents, the development represents the visionary consecutiveness of Modern Querétaro, a project that contains modernity and projection; from its location, urbanization, planning and authenticity in the concept.

  • New Refuge: With more than 34 hectares and a privileged location, the green areas are a fundamental element of the project, where spaces have been planned so that social activities can take place in a natural environment and thus contribute to improving the quality of life of their habitants.


Supraterra projects have been internationally recognized for their high standards of innovation, among which the following stand out:

  • The best mixed-use development in Latin America (Zibatá, by The International Property Awards in 2013)

  • The best golf course in Central and South America (Zibatá, by The International Property Awards in 2014)

  • The best golf course in Mexico (Zibatá, by The International Property Awards in 2014)

  • Best Internal Project (Town Center, for The International Property Awards in 2016)

Supraterra generates innovative territories that make up cities with strategic locations in which social, environmental and cultural balance allow it to act locally and think globally to achieve planned, compact communities that positively impact cities with elements of diversity, density and design. 

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