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First El Gran Bajío agenda at Washington D.C.

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

On June 21, 22 and 23, the first international agenda of El Gran Bajío was held in the city of Washington D.C. with the objective of presenting the initiative to leaders and strategic actors in the relationship between Mexico and the United States.

The agenda began with a presentation to the Mexican Ambassador to the United States Esteban Moctezuma, who shared the vision of strengthening collaboration in strategic projects to enhance the development of Mexico.

After, we had a meeting with Anne McKinney, Vice President for International Affairs of the US Chamber of Commerce, with whom we agreed to have a shared agenda of events, conferences, and information to link economic projects between El Gran Bajío and US companies.

Subsequently, a dinner was attended with Michael C. Camuñez, President and CEO of Monarch Global Strategies LLC, a binational strategic consulting firm for Mexico – United States investment projects, where the following topics were agreed:

- Identify opportunities to expand supply chain productions.

- Encourage businesspeople from El Gran Bajío who want to expand their operations in the United States.

- Possible financing and attraction of investment projects.

Michael Camuñez served as well as Senior Official in the White House and Assistant Secretary of Commerce of the United States.

We had breakfast with Andrew Rudman, Director of the Mexico Institute of the Woodrow Wilson International Center, with whom it was agreed to cooperate on high-level agendas for entrepreneurs from El Gran Bajío, collaborations in events and publications.

Later that day, we held a meeting with Antonio Ortiz Mena, Senior Vice President of Albright Stonebridge Group, with whom we discussed the opportunities in this post-covid era to internationalize and strengthen companies in El Gran Bajío globally. Albright Stonebridge is a firm founded by the United States Secretary of State Madeleine Albright with a global impact in 180 countries.

A meeting was held with Dan Restrepo, who was a presidential advisor and director for the Western Hemisphere of the National Security Council during the presidency of Barack Obama. Dan provided a short, medium, and long-term perspective on the relations between Mexico and the United States in this new era. Dan has been a promoter of American leadership to Mexico, where it is planned to have a link of events and agendas to El Gran Bajio.

We had a meeting with Héctor Sánchez Barba, CEO of “Mi Familia Vota” and leader of the Latino community in the United States, with whom we explored business and cultural projects between businesspeople from El Gran Bajío and Latino leaders in the United States. Hector has promoted a Latin positioning agenda for a new generation through forceful actions and networking events.

We visited the Atlantic Council, an American Think Tank focused on international affairs where programs related to global economic prosperity and security are managed. In a meeting with Jason Marczak, it was agreed to promote an agenda of business events, as well as a possible project for innovators from El Gran Bajío.

The agenda ended with a meeting with Mischa Sindyyukov from APCO Worldwide, with whom we designed an agenda for entrepreneurs from El Gran Bajío to generate intense business collaboration. The agenda revolves around a link with international associations, agencies, organizations, and foundations to position El Gran Bajío as a strategic ally. APCO Worldwide is the second largest independent agency in the United States, with operations in 35 countries.

Participants on the agenda were Federico Quinzaños, Co-Founder President of El Gran Bajío, Marcelo López, Executive Vice President and Co-Founder of El Gran Bajío and Amy Glover, International Vice President of El Gran Bajío, who has a long history in the private sector as the director of the Mexico business for McLarty Associates in Washington D.C. national director of external relations for the American Chamber of Commerce in Mexico (AmCham) and risk management manager for Citibank.

The vision of all the leaders and strategic actors with whom we met, is that Mexico must take a leading role in the economic reconfiguration that the world is experiencing. There will be a strong relocation of companies in North America and Mexico (specially El Gran Bajío) must take advantage of it.

It was very important to present the numbers, projects, infrastructure, but above all, the vision that the businesspeople of El Gran Bajío must compete globally in a sustainable, accurate, inclusive and specialized way.

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