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The result of more than 20 years of educational experience based on a new pedagogical model based on design thinking, which develops authentic skills for life and fosters a new culture in students.


Knotion® is an ecosystem of transdisciplinary content strategically created in a digital universe, to support and channel meaningful student learning, while fostering the development of skills that every global citizen should possess.



Empower students to make wiser decisions so they can create a positive impact through their actions; think, feel and live differently, creating a better world.


It offers each Knotion® school a set of services consisting of the implementation of ITS learning ecosystem, which includes:


  • Transdisciplinary Study Plans with academic standards of high-performing countries.

  • Set of Sequential Lessons developed by academic specialists in an intuitive way.

  • Knowledge Bank Integrated with all the resources for learning.

  • Professional Development for K-9 Coaches.

  • High-tech infrastructure to ensure continuous connectivity within YOUR ecosystem.

  • Indicators and Metrics to monitor the learning process.


  • Knotion® for Schools: IMPACT® Learning is the Knotion® pedagogical model, which fuses design thinking architecture with the construction of solutions to relevant and significant transdisciplinary challenges, generating learning based on concrete actions. Within a bilingual, interactive and transdisciplinary ecosystem, each student experiences a real immersion in global issues and problems that allow them to build a new relationship with the world around them.


  • Knotion® for Coaches: Knotion® offers a didactic platform with a strategic planning of activities, resources and evaluations that allow the coach to play an authentic role as facilitator of learning according to the needs of each student.


  • Knotion® for Dads: Knotion® provides our children with an attractive development environment full of vital meaning, in which they acquire, in addition to solid and lasting knowledge, essential skills for their personal and professional lives. Offering you a happy and significant present, which guarantees a full and balanced future, is, together with you, its greatest endeavor and commitment.


  • Knotion® for Students: At Knotion® we are committed to equipping you with everything you need to live a full, productive, sustainable and happy life, as an active member of the greatest generation known to man.

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