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We have assisted more than 400 foreign investors from Europe, Asia and North America to establish operations in Mexico. Our services include but are not limited to consulting in International, Corporate, IMMEX/Maquila regulations, Governmental Relations and Lobbying, In-house Notary Public, Intellectual Property, Real Estate, Labor and Employment, Customs and foreign trade, Incorporation of Mexican Companies, Tax Matters and Working Visas / Immigration.


We provide legal assistance to our clients in order to make their projects successful, based on our experience for the past 35 years supporting foreign investors in Mexico.


We have clients from different countries such as Japan, France, Korea, Italy, China, Australia, England, Finland, Denmark, Austria, Sweden, Spain, Germany, Taiwan, India, United States and Canada.



Ernesto Velarde-Danache, Inc. is a full-service law firm. Our areas of practice include corporate, labor, customs, governmental matters, environmental, foreign investment law, immigration, intellectual property, litigation, real estate, tax, international and “Maquila” law.


Our goal is to help our clients avoid adverse consequences by thoughtful planning and careful drafting.

  • International and “IMMEX/Maquila” regulations

  • Corporate

  • Governmental Relations and Lobbying

  • Notarial

  • Intellectual Property

  • Real Estate

  • Labor and Employment

  • Customs and Trade Regulation

  • Mexican Taxation

  • Environmental Law

  • Working Visas and Immigration

  • Energy


We are currently presenting public or private seminars according to the needs of each company, dealing with the following topics.


  • The economic impact regarding the maquiladora industry as a result of the trump administration

  • The relations between a union and an employer: how to establish and maintain them within a "healthy distance"

  • Legal risks of product contamination.

  • Labor reform in the administration of labor justice.

  • How to deal with foreign nationals working in mexico.

  • The economy in a globalized world.

  • How to deal with foreign nationals working in mexico.

  • MÉxico, who we were? who are we? and where are we going?

  • The economy in a globalized world.

  • Strategies for managing and controlling personnel turnover.

  • Management of a relationship with an outsourcing company.

  • Training committee, its incorporation, its rights and obligations.

  • Implementation of labor diversity practices in your company

  • Management of union relations.

  • The importance of maintaining a healthy relationship with a union leader.

  • Negotiation of collective labor agreement and internal shop rules.

  • Strategies for a successful negotiation with a union.

  • Occupational health.

  • Actions to be taken in case of accidents, illnesses and injuries that employees suffer in the workplace.

  • Imss-classification of work risks.

  • Negative effects of mobbing.

  • Labor harassment, a practice that slowly ends the labor harmony in the workplace.

  • Practices to carry out an effective labor rescue, minimizing legal risks for a company.

  • How to manage work relations with your foreign employees.

  • Good practices of labor inclusion towards vulnerable groups.

  • Conciliation of work-family.

  • Schedule planning.

  • Flexibility of schedules to attend family responsibilities.

  • Sensitivity on the double workshift.

  • Emotional welfare program at work.

  • Unification of minimum wage in mexico.

  • Fair and equitable wages. creation and implementation of salary policies in your company.

  • Technology in the payment of wages. what legal aspects you should know and Implement in the payment of wages.

  • Relevant aspects to be included and monitored in the employment application.

  • Individual labor agreements, administrative reports, release and termination agreements.

  • The misuse of technology and its implications in the workplace.


35 years of experience as speaker in more than 25 countries.

He has spoken about Mexican and International Laws and Doing Business in Mexico.

For more than 18 years he was the host of a live Mexican television show by the name of “Con Sentido Común”.


After several years working for an internationally recognized law firm in Mexico City and having completed several post-graduate courses in Europe Ernesto Velarde- Danache founded this Law Firm in 1989.


Our purpose has always been to be a full service Law Firm. No need to go beyond was and is the goal. Real estate due diligence and acquisitions, incorporations, permitting, labor and employment, governmental relations, tax, customs, immigration, environmental, in other words, every basic or ancillary need of a foreign company venturing into Mexico is promptly and diligently addressed.


In addition to our Brownsville office, we have now three Mexican locations, Matamoros and Reynosa, Tamaulipas, some of the most attractive cities on the US-Mexico border where hundreds of foreign owned companies have established operations, as well as an office in Leon, Guanajuato. To complement our services we have an in-house Notary Public in Mexico and thirteen Mexican licensed lawyers to support our efforts.


We are able to speak to our clients in: English, Spanish, French and Italian.




1650 Paredes Line Rd. Ste. No. 101

Brownsville, TX 78521

Telephone: + (956) 548 9098

Fax: + (956) 548 1656



Calle Primera y Lilas No.244-C

Col. Jardín

Matamoros, Tamps. 87330

Telephone: + 011 52 (868) 812 0800

Telephone: + 011 52 (868) 812 0010

Fax: + 011 52 (868) 812 090


Blvd. Manuel J. Clouthier #304, Col. Bosques del Campestre

Edificio Foro 4, 4º Piso, Suite 419,

León, Guanajuato, CP. 37125

Telephone: +52 (477) 800 1200

Telephone: +52 (473) 107-7756



Calle 10 No. 690

Col. Longoria Prolongación

Reynosa, Tamps. 88699

Telephone: + 011 52 (899) 925 7041

Fax: + 011 52 (899) 925 6958

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