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At PPG Comex, we offer the high-volume, corporate and industrial segments a highly specialized service. 


Through PPG's global support, we become a strategic partner, where the experience and specialization of teams of architects and engineers, an extensive portfolio of cutting-edge products and the infrastructure with the broadest coverage in the country, collaborate and solve the current demands of the markets.




We accompany our clients throughout the process; From the conception of your project, construction and maintenance, attending to any development, requirement or specific problem, all this through our team:


  • B2B Leaders in every state of the Republic.

  • Specifiers, engineers, and architects.

  • Qualified applicators.

  • Expert color advisors.



Constant development and innovation have been the main focus in PPG Comex's research centers, resulting in a portfolio of products and high-performance solutions aimed at meeting each and every different coating need.


Our coatings have a wide range of protection in the most demanding markets and environments, such as:


  • Waterproofing/TOP

  • Woods/Polyform

  • Vinyl Paints/Vinimex

  • Enamels/Comex

  • Industrial/Sigma and Amercoat Line

  • Light Maintenance/Primers, signage, and floors

  • Painting Accessories/Comex and Éxito Line

  • Effects and Textured/Texturi

  • Professional Line



We are a constantly growing company with the broadest infrastructure in the country to provide nationwide service.


  • 5 Plants producing over 450 million liters annually (Aga, Pesa, Tepexpan, FPU; AP).

  • 9 Distribution Centers (Mina, GDL, Mty, Chihuahua, Hermosillo, CDMX, Cuautitlán, and Tultitlán).

  • 4 Comprehensive Training Centers (CFI) in the country.

  • 1 Polymer Research Center (CIP).

  • 1 Visual Evaluation Laboratory (LEV).

  • 1 Professional Specification Center (CEP).

  • 1 Industrial Technological Research Center (CITI).

  • Over 5,000 stores nationwide.



At PPG Comex, we work directly with our clients to accurately understand their needs and formulate highly specialized solutions, maintaining our constant commitment to innovation.


Therefore, we have industrial and architectural advisors responsible for offering comprehensive solutions to high-volume clients, providing personalized attention to construction, maintenance, or executive projects for their properties. Our advisors are experts in the business segment they serve, understanding the market, trends, regulations, products, services, and competition.


In case required, our team holds certifications from the Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC) and the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) of the United States of America, endorsing their high level of specialized knowledge.




  • Industrial

  • Marine

  • Oil and Gas

  • Storage Terminals

  • Infrastructure

  • Energy

  • Communications and Transportation

  • Mining

  • Railway

  • Automotive



  • Housing

  • Hospitality

  • Services

  • Food and Beverages

  • Government



A team of engineers and architects, experts in the global product portfolio, meticulously studies the areas and spaces in which our clients have any need for a solution, offering alternatives focused on performance, protection, durability, and aesthetics.


-Optimal product and system recommendations considering the performance and protection needs required in each area.


-Support throughout your construction program.



Through our certified instructors, we offer training supported by state-of-the-art infrastructure, technology, and methodology so that your staff produces excellent results, protects your investment, achieves the best performance and finishes according to surface, location, and climate needs, in addition to the benefits in costs and time optimization.


-PPG Comex is also concerned with the professionalization of technical staff and offers Certification Programs with national standards, endorsed by the Ministry of Public Education, ensuring that staff receives recognition with official validity.

-Certification Programs include technical and practical training, as well as personnel assessment in real conditions to ensure they have the required knowledge and skills for certification.

Premium Color Services

A team of color specialists can provide you with the best color selection for your projects, developing the right palette for each of your needs and spaces, as well as generating the color palette for your office or firm with which your clients can identify your projects.


  • ColorLife System:

Explore the maximum color offering with over 3,500 colors.

  • Inspiration cards:

Find color solutions and trends for different spaces.

  • ColorLife decorator app:

Experience color in your own space.

Professional Application

PPG Comex professional application service has certified experts in the entire range of industrial, decorative, waterproofing, and wood coatings. This is to offer you a comprehensive service that guarantees the final result in quality, resistance, durability, and functionality in your work.


  • Applications with state-of-the-art specialized equipment.

  • Reduction of construction times.

  • Service standard.

  • Guarantee on the performance of the products.

Through this service, PPG Comex can provide you with the "turnkey" service for any industrial or architectural segment. Ensuring the best performance of products in protection, light maintenance, high performance, and decorative solutions.

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