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About us?

We are a 100% Mexican company that cares about helping people obtain the leasing of their dreams.

We have been in the market for more than 5 years , we are known for listening to people, understanding their situation and offering tailored leasing.

Our goal is for you to save taxes while driving the car of your dreams.

We provide service throughout the Mexican Republic.


Don't spend on what doesn't generate value...

We know that buying a new car can be challenging financially. The down payment, taxes and hidden expenses like siting, tenancy, verification, etc. put a significant burden on our pockets.

In addition, the rapid depreciation of vehicles in Mexico makes the purchase an unprofitable investment in the long term.

The Bajío landlord

Since its origins Arrenda1 has sought to offer a difference in the way of leasing. Its philosophy is to provide individualized treatment to clients, considering that each of them has their own needs.

How does arrenda 1 help you?

Leasing, also known as pure leasing, is a financial option and tax tool that allows you to enjoy a new vehicle without the need to decapitalize. Instead of buying the car, you simply lease it for a certain period of time of 24, 36 or 48 months , paying a fixed monthly payment with high deductibility and with a 100% tax deductible initial payment regardless of the amount.

The advantages of leasing



Get a new car every 2, 3 or 4 years.



Fixed Monthly Payments


Options at the End of the Contract: Renew the contract with a new model or simply return the car and explore new options or finally buy the car.


Initial Expenses 100% deductible. Forget about hidden expenses and cumbersome procedures, we take care of everything.


Less Worries.

In case of any type of accident, we manage the entire operation and follow-up.

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